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Wings Of The Black Cross Number Seven

AUTHOR – Jerry Crandall
PUBLISHER – Eagle Editions
FORMAT – Softback
PAGES – 36
PUBLISHED – 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ISBN – 978 0 9794035 4 5


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Featured aircraft in many rare, unpublished photos, crash sites and various other scenes both during and post WWII:

Includes New Erich Hartmann Bf 109 G-6 recently discovered. This colourful aircraft was flown by Hartmann in Rumania when he achieved his 250th victory with 9./JG 52, 4 June 1944.  “Yellow 1” 9./JG 52 Erich Hartmann is featured on the cover of this edition as the ninth colour profile. Of special interest is the small Red number ‘2’ inside the “Yellow 1” which is believed to be indicative of his back-up machine. The profile and decals were produced based on stills taken from the original period film; however, permission has not been granted to publish the images.

Bf 109 G-6 training unit base.

Bf 109 K-4 including close up of engine area, ex IV Gruppe JG 53 exposing massive supercharger and engine mounts; Bf 109 G-14.

He 111, four engine Ju 290, Ju 88.

Fw 190 F-8, A-8

Overview of Junkers facility airfield, Merseburg, Germany

S2 Mistel combo of Fw 190 F-8 paired with Ju 88 G-1

Soldier ‘playing airplanes’ in Ju 87 D Stuka

Also included are colour profiles by Thomas Tullis.

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