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The Modern Hornet Guide – The Boeing F/A-18 A/B/C/D Exposed

AUTHOR – Jake Melampy

PUBLISHER – Reid Air Publications

FORMAT – Softback


PAGES – 205

ISBN – 9780988852907


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205 pages; Illustrated with 1024 full-colour images. Represents the definitive resource material on all versions of the ‘Legacy’ Hornets, from the earliest F/A-18A, up to and including the ‘Night Attack’ F/A-18D in use with the US Marines and Royal Malaysian Air Force. Heavy emphasis is placed on export versions of the jet which feature unique items, such as those in use with the Canadian and Australian air forces. However, the other nations that operate the Hornet are not forgotten. Of course, full coverage of the US Navy’s Hornets is included, as is the often-overlooked United States Marine Corp Hornets.

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