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The International Aero Exhibition Gothenburg – ILUG 1923

AUTHOR – Rob Mulder

PUBLISHER – European Airlines


FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 288


ISBN – 978 82 93450 17 7

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In 1921, Gothenburg celebrated its tencentennial, but due to the economical crisis, the festivities were postponed until 1923. Between 9 May and 30 September 1923 numerous large exhibitions were held in Gothenburg. One of them was the ‘International Aero Exhibition’, which opened its doors on 20 July and ended on 12 August. Nearly 100 exhibitors from Sweden, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Germany presented their products.

Furthermore, between 4 and 12 August 1923, the International Flying Contest was held at the new airport of Gothenburg: Torslanda. Several contest were organised and the participants again came from many countries, but mainly Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. The success of the exhibition and the flying contest was enormous and many visitors came to the exhibition or to Torslanda to see the flying contests.

The author has collected all available material and reconstructed the events of the exhibition and the flying contest. The book is well-illustrated with unique photographs, tables and overviews.

Introduction (2 pages)
The Jubileumsutställning and the ILUG (100 pages)
Torslanda and its aircraft (48 pages)
The International Flying Competition (104 pages)

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