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Sukhoi Interceptors – The SU-9, SU-11 and SU-15 Unsung Soviet Cold War Heroes

AUTHOR – Yefim Gordon, Dmitry Komissarov

PUBLISHER – Schiffer

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 320


ISBN – 978 0 7643 5868 5



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Closed in 1949, the Sukhoi Design Bureau was reborn in 1953 to meet an urgent demand for a fast interceptor that would counter the threat posed by NATO bombers. It wasted no time developing a succession of missile-armed, Mach 2 interceptors characterized by delta wings; the single-engined Su-9 entered service in 1960, followed by the up-armed Su-11 in 1964 and the twin-engined Su-15 in 1967. Though built in modest numbers, the three types became an important asset for the Soviet Air Defense Force—particularly the more capable Su-15, which unfortunately became notorious for shooting down two intruding South Korean airliners within five years. The Su-15 outlasted the Soviet Union, the last being retired in 1996. There were also several Sukhoi interceptors that remained in prototype or project form. All known versions are described, as are operational details. The book features many rare and previously unpublished photos.

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