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Soaring With Wings – Percy Pilcher Wants To Fly

AUTHOR – Charles E MacKay
FORMAT -Softback
PAGES – 171
ISBN – 978 1 838056 76 6

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This is a new biography of Percy S. Pilcher and his four years of experimental flying and is illustrated with many rare and interesting pictures and drawings. He displayed his Hawk at Kelvingrove Park and Prof Square, University of Glasgow. The book describes his flying at Auchensail, Wallaceton Cardross and in England. There is a history of Cardross with a weather description for 1895 and 1896. His experimental work was influenced by Lilienthal, the great German aircraft pioneer. He was in contact with the Australian Hargrave, Octave Chanute in America and was employed by Hiram Maxim of Vickers machine-gun fame. The Wright Brothers used his data when constructing the Wright Flyer.
Pilcher sailed his yachts on the Firth of Clyde and this aspect of his life is fully explored. His two yachts were Gleam and Widow. Gleam was built by the Herreshoff Brothers in America and Widow built by John Paul & Son, Gourock. He lectured at the University of Glasgow and some of his presentations are described. His sister was instrumental in building the wings and saw him fall to his death like Icarus. His death is supported by the Coroner’s report and conclusions

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