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Sent Flying – The Autobiography Of Bill Pegg


AUTHOR – Bill Pegg

PUBLISHER – Macdonald

FORMAT – Hardback


PAGES – 236


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Sent Flying is written with a quiet good humour and clarity, none too commonly found in books that contain so much data and detail of the world of aviation. Bill Pegg’s picture of the R.A.F. during some of its formative and least publicised years is a very ‘live’ one. His account of the problems and responsibilities that face the Chief Test Pilot of a great aircraft company reflects shrewd knowledge and judgment, and fascinatingly illustrates Britain’s tremendous achievements in designing, building and flying the world’s finest aircraft.

Bill Pegg joined the R.A.F. as an apprentice at fifteen, but there were hard years of training at Cranwell to face, followed by practical experience as a squadron mechanic, before he fulfilled his real ambition and gained his wings. In 1935 the Bristol Aeroplane Company was looking for a test pilot; Pegg resigned his commission and got the job. Since then his name has been linked with many famous planes — Beauforts, Blenheims, Beaufighters, the mighty Brazabon, and of course the Bristol Britannia.”

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