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River Rats History

AUTHOR – Lou Drendel

PUBLISHER – Aviation Art Inc.

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 301


ISBN – 9 781 973410 89 8

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The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association, aka: “River Rats” was founded in Southeast Asia in 1967. The original membership was restricted to those pilots who had flown missions into the Route Package VI area of North Vietnam…the most heavily defended airspace in the history of aerial warfare. The Association was incorporated in CONUS in 1970 and dedicated to the mission of support for the families of aerial warriors who did not return. This book tells the story of the founding of the Rats in words of those who were there. When membership requirements became more inclusive, all military aviators were invited to join. Their experiences in war and peace are told in their own words. Illustrated with over 300 photos and paintings by the author.

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