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Operation Pedestal – The Battle for Malta’s Lifeline 1942 – Osprey Campaign 394

AUTHOR – Angus Konstam

PUBLISHER – Osprey Publishing

FORMAT – Softback


PAGES – 96

ISBN – 978 1 4728 5567 1

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Since 1940, the island of Malta had been a thorn in the Axis’ side. It sat astride the direct sea route between Italy and its North African colonies, and from 1941 the Royal Navy had used the island as a base for its attacks on Axis convoys. The island, though, relied on convoys to survive, and from early 1941 these came under increasingly heavy air and submarine attack. As the situation became critical in 1942, the decision was made to send through a heavily protected convoy, carrying fuel and supplies, in an effort to save the island. This mission was codenamed Operation Pedestal.

This fascinating work describes how, after leaving Britain on 2 August 1942, the convoy was repeatedly pummelled by Axis air and submarine attacks as it ground its way towards Malta, with most of the merchant ships sunk during the passage, along with an aircraft carrier and two cruisers. It also explores how despite this grim toll, the sacrifice was worth it.

The specially commissioned illustrations in this work cover the progress of the convoy step by step, the submarine and surface naval actions during Pedestal’s voyage, the Stuka attack on the carrier Indomitable and the air attacks against the convoy, and the broader strategic situation in the Western Mediterranean. The result is a unique visual exploration of one of the most famous episodes of the war in this theatre.

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