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North American Aircraft NATO F-86D/K Sabre Dog

AUTHOR – Robbie M Robinson

PUBLISHER – Minimonde 76

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 120


ISBN – 978 2 9541818 3 7



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The North American F-86D/K Sabre Dog was undoubtedly one of America’s greatest fighters. Derived from its earlier sibling F-86A Sabre who starred in Korea against MiG-15s, this variant experienced extensive operations in the USA, protecting the skies with the many Fighter Interceptor Squadrons in charge of continental air sovereignty, and in Europe with many NATO air forces. Also built under licence by Italy’s Fiat to supply NATO countries, the Sabre Dog served in seven air arms throughout the Old Continent until its final withdrawal from the Aeronautica Militare Italiana in July 1973.

This book tells the story of the European Sabre Dogs with eight air forces, from the inception of the program in 1949 until the retirement of the type outclassed by the new US fighter aircraft delivered to NATO, the F-104 Starfighter. Read how this powerful and hi-tech new Sabre was pressed into service with major air forces, explore its unique weapons system conceived while UNO forces were struggling to keep Korea under the Western aegis, and spot the surviving examples with the help the detailed production list for each operator. 120 colour pages,123 photos from official and personal archives, 43 colour artworks, unit badges.

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