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Mil Mi-24 Hind – Le Char Volant

AUTHOR – Luc Vangansbeke

PUBLISHER – Caraktere

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 120


ISBN – 978 2 916 403 65 6

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The Mi-24 (NATO code name “Hind”), which entered service in 1969, belongs to the exclusive club of legendary combat helicopters. Designed as the flying equivalent of an infantry fighting vehicle, the Mil Mi-24 is equipped with unsurpassed armament: a four-barrel 12.7 mm Gatling gun, four 57 mm missile baskets and four AT-6 or AT-2 anti-tank missiles. Most importantly, the helicopter is also suitable for export: The robust helicopter and its relatively inexpensive equipment were exported to many countries allied with the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Thus, the Mi-24 experienced its baptism of fire under the Ethiopian flag in the Ogaden War (1977-1978) against Somalia; later it continued its operational career in Vietnam against the Khmer Rouge and especially during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. French text and captions.

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