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Luftwaffe – Secret Projects Of The Third Reich

AUTHOR – Dan Sharp


FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 129


ISBN – 9 781911 639060

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Secret Projects of the Third Reich profiles Focke-Wulf’s reluctant attempts to marry a Ta 152 airframe to a British Napier Sabre engine, Messerschmitt’s experimental Me 109 S with ‘blown’ flaps, four versions of Arado’s E 380 floatplane, Blohm & Voss’s asymmetrical P 171 stuka, Lippisch’s piston-engined Me 163, Germany’s three-step supersonic research programme, Focke-Wulf’s giant flying wings, the anti-submarine DFS Lotos glider, and many more ‘unknown’ designs.

Hundreds of original and previously unseen documents have been used to compile this look at some of Germany’s least-known Second World War project designs, featuring a host of new and period drawings, illustrations and photographs.

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