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Latin America @ War 32 – El Salvador Volume 1: Crisis, Coup And Uprising, 1970-1983

AUTHOR – David Francois
FORMAT – Softback
PAGES – 80
ISBN – 978 1 804510 30 8

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A severe social and political crisis in El Salvador during politicians, religious figures and activists through strikes but organised the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMNL) and launched an armed insurrection against the government in early 1981.

Within months, the FMLN established itself in control over two departments – which it was to guerrilla’s support base in the countryside. Although bombardments, strafing, shelling, summary execution of anybody captured, and massacres of civilians became the norm of the day, the FMLN continued growing in strength and by 1983, reached the peak of its power and control over the countryside.

El Salvador, Volume 1: Crisis, Coup and Uprising 1970-1983 is the first inclusive and incisive military history of this incredibly vicious, merciless war: one of two major conflicts fought in Central America during the 1980s within the context of the Cold War. Based on official documentation and carefully cross-referenced secondary sources, it is lavishly illustrated with original photographs and custom-drawn colour profiles and is an indispensable single-point source of reference.

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