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Iron Cross – German Military History 1914-45 Issue 13

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Iron Cross is the UK’s only magazine of German military history from the First World War to the end of the Second World War.  Covering all aspects of German military history including the Imperial German forces of the Great War, the Weimar period and the Nazi period.  Iron Cross prides itself on the highest quality production with stunning content in the unique and ground-breaking features, often revealing untold stories and publishing photographs that have never been seen before.

This issue includes ground-breaking features on the U-boat war against Allied aircraft: the incredible story of a German fighter unit punished because its CO’s wife was Jewish: a remarkable collection of original photographs depicting a downed Zeppelin is examined in detail: Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair HQ in Poland is described and its ruins visited: how the tide of war against Germany was finally turned on the Marne during the summer of 1918: the evil pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany which sealed Poland’s fate in 1939: the German and Allied air losses during the 1942 ‘Channel Dash’: examining the history of a WW1 German naval ensign from Jutland: Germany’s infamous MG 42 light machine gun is studied in depth: a museum exhibit in Malta from a Messerschmitt 109 examined: a Nazi castle full of the ‘treasure’ of high awards and decorations discovered by American forces: how a captured V1 officer spilled the beans about the missile system: colour photography of Third Reich living history is showcased: the WW1 German MG 08 machine gun in colour: did the Wehrmacht use wooden bullets in 1944? : a fighter ‘aces’ Messerschmitt downed in the Western Desert in 1942 – an image colourised by Richard J Molloy : the film poster spotlight features a WW1 war film made during the Nazi period of Germany’s history.

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