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Hawker – The Yugoslav Saga Operational Record 1931-1941

AUTHOR – Aleksandar Ognjevic

PUBLISHER – LeadenSky Books

FORMAT – Hardback


PAGES – 336

ISBN – 978 86 917625 3 7

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In the mid-thirties of the last century, in military terms, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia began to move away from France, its ally from the Great War. Although French military and political circles continued to press ahead to acquire their weapons and equipment, the Balkan kingdom has already turned to other suppliers, primarily to Great Britain and Germany. Representatives of the United Kingdom’s aviation industry began to visit the Kingdom of Yugoslavia at the end of the twenties. The book contains more than 50 testimonies, written statements, orders and observations by direct participants from all sides that take part in 1941 April war. It also contains a completely unknown and unpublished interview with Serbian Engineer Kosta Sivcev, who participated in the unprecedented modification of the Hurricane to a Daimler Benz DB601 A engine (LVT-1 Project), describing the entire job in smallest details. Special technical drawing of modified airplane is inside as well. There is six maps inside, as well as Appendix 10 (Places with Geographical Coordinates) with the exact GPS coordinates of each place (130+) mentioned. With the help of Appendix 11 (Personal Names), you will quickly find some of the (300+) names in the book. Beautifully selected photographs and documents (254+3), 50 colour profiles and views prepared by Aerospace Engineer Dragan Šaler, who evoke in detail the little known VVKJ Hawkers colouring schemes and markings, as well as several unusual and unique modifications made at the Zmaj and Ikarus airplane factories.


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