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Freddie – Vol. 2 The Second Coming Of Sir Freddie Laker

AUTHOR – A. Grzesik & G. Dix
PUBLISHER – Recursive
FORMAT – Hardback
PAGES – 590
ISBN – 978 0 9956486 3 0

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Volume two of the Laker story picks up from 5th February 1982 when Laker Airways went into receivership and over 2,500 employees lost their livelihoods. In the days that followed hundreds of Laker staff marched on 10 Downing Street in protest. A fighting fund out of public donations was established to relaunch the airline to no avail. A billion-dollar antitrust suit followed in the USA brought by Christopher Morris, the Liquidator of Laker Airways together with a separate US Department of Justice investigation into illegal fare fixing. Written with the cooperation of Christopher Morris and both his US and UK legal teams Freddie is both a legal ‘whodunnit’ casting light on Freddie’s lost years between 1982 and 1995 and his resurgence with a new transatlantic airline. Concluding with his final years operating his Bahamas airline, with Freddie by now in his 80’s still creating of plenty drama until his end.  It is the story of a true visionary with a mesmerising but at times deeply flawed personality, who nevertheless inspired almost inexplicable devotion from those who knew him best.

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