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F-16 Fighting Falcon – Viper Under The Skin Special Edition

AUTHOR – Lekkas, Gkonis

PUBLISHER – Eagle Aviation

FORMAT – Softback


PAGES – 144

ISBN – 9786188336032

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The book is mostly a large picture format walkthrough of not only the F-16 and variants of the nations that use the “Viper” but, for the most part, a very well shot pictorial of all of the parts of these aircraft and most of what they carry for defence and offence in several short sections that group together the aircraft walkaround from nose to tail. The first part of the book features the countries that use the Viper and their different types/ “Blocks” in service. The Hellenic Airforce with its weathered aircraft are in contrast with other countries and how they seem to keep their F-16’s, with the USAF, Israel with their colourful “Baraks” and “Sufas”, The attractive Tiger-striped and grey F-16’s of Poland, the UAE’s Block 60’s and the Republic of Singapore’s Falcons they bought through the “Peace Carvin III & IV programs. Chile’s blue camouflaged and South Korea’s grey Falcons are a contrast with the more colourful desert Vipers of Morocco and Egypt’s versions. Colours and markings of the F-16’s from all of these countries are a nice introduction.

This book covers all of the Vipers in the air today, with pictures from an assortment of variants from every angle and nook and cranny – excellent for scale modeller’s references.

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