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Europe @ War 39 – Carnation Revolution Volume 2: Coup In Portugal, April 1974

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In March 1974, a climate of conspiracy reigned in Portugal. Premier Marcello Caetano, insisted on the continuation of the Portuguese presence in Africa and the wars being waged against the liberation movements in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea. Costa Gomes and Spínola, Portugal’s two most senior generals, did not share this view. Spínola, with Costa Gomes’s permission, had published Portugal e o Futuro (Portugal and the Future), a book that questioned the policy that had been followed until then, and caused a major political earthquake throughout Portugal and its colonies.

At the same time, a movement of young captains prepared the overthrow of the regime. Tired of the war in Africa and the government’s inability to solve the overseas problem, the conspirators drew up plans to end the dictatorship and establish a democratic regime in Portugal. A first coup attempt on 16 March 1974 was neutralised by government forces, but the second attempt on 25 April was an overwhelming success. In under 24 hours, the insurgents controlled the streets of the capital and Marcello Caetano was surrounded by rebel forces. With no options remaining, Caetano would hand power to General Spínola, who would become the new leader of the emerging regime. The people took to the streets of Lisbon to give red flowers to the soldiers, earning these events the name of ‘The Carnation Revolution.’

Carnation Revolution Volume 2: Coup in Portugal, April 1974 offers a detailed account of the intertwining political and military events of March and April 1974 in and around Lisbon as power swung irretrievably from a dictatorial government to a military intent on ending the colonial wars in Africa and restoring democracy to Portugal. This volume is illustrated throughout with original photographs and includes specially commissioned colour artworks.

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