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Encyclopedie Des Avions De Chasse Italiens 1939-1945

AUTHOR – David Zambon

PUBLISHER – Caraktere

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 208


ISBN – 978 2 916 403 328

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Often poorly known and underestimated, the Italian hunters who fought in World War II were not unworthy. This is to forget that the Italian aeronautical industry was one of the first in the world in the interwar period and that the productions of its big names like Fiat or Caproni were exported successfully. Very present in South America, the Italian-made fighters are unanimously appreciated there for their robustness and their reliability… a feeling that will not be denied with the first fights in Europe. The famous CR 42, adored for its manoeuvrability, will be used in all fights despite its quality as a biplane; the range of Macchi, with the elegant curves, will cover itself with glory during the fights in North Africa then in Italy. Without forgetting the devices of Reggiane, more or less appreciated in Italy but a real export success (the British will order, in January 1940, 300 copies before the contract is broken), which display technical characteristics that have nothing to envy their Allied and German counterparts . The book will make a detour through the air forces of the Republic of Salo (ANR), Mussolini’s last leap, and his use of excellent devices like the G.55Centauro . Enhanced with unpublished photographs and numerous colour profiles, here is the essential encyclopaedia to finally (re) discover and get to know the Italian hunters of the Second World War!

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