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Clipped Wings

AUTHOR – Ian & Ralph Ormes

PUBLISHER – Key Publishing/span>

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 192


ISBN – 978 1 80282 641 8


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The story of aviation is, above all, the story of success. Few, if any, industries could have equalled the astounding pace of the development of flight. For many, however, it was also the story of failure – of wasted ideas, wasted designs and wasted money. There is also a third category of aviation. A sort of success-failure story. These were the aircraft that never completely made the grade – and their histories and development are as fascinating as any. This book explores ten of these ‘middle of the road’ aircraft. Some were just poor aircraft; some came at the wrong time; some were misused; and some found themselves in the most awful of predicaments – they became the target of political bias. But they were all characters. They all had a working life, however limited, and they all had their vices and virtues. Including first-hand accounts from designers, test pilots, operators and aircrew, this book presents detailed research into the truth behind the image. The aircraft included are the B.E.2c, R.E.8, General Aircraft Monospar, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, Fairey Battle, Blackburn Roc, Westland Whirlwind, Saro Lerwick, Avro Manchester, and Vickers Supermarine Swift.

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