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Asia @ War 25 – Nuclear India – From Reluctance to Triad 

AUTHOR – Sanjay Badri-Maharaj

PUBLISHER – Helion & Co

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 80


ISBN – 978 1 914377 04 4

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This book details the evolution of India’s nuclear journey, from the 1960s to the present day, the historical events leading to the 1974 nuclear test, the reluctant nuclearization that occurred thereafter and the first phases of an operational nuclear deterrent in the late 1980s. By detailing the weapons and delivery systems developed, this book evaluates India’s deterrent posture as it exists at present and its current evolutionary path. The speculated shape, size and composition of India’s current deterrent is examined, including a detailed discussion of India’s Ballistic missile programs, its air launched and ground based cruise missiles and its growing SSBN/SLBM capability. In addition, Nuclear India includes details of ballistic missile defences as well as the practicality of enhanced preparedness against decapitating or paralyzing EMP strikes and unconventional nuclear threats.


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