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The Australian Air Campaign Series 3: The Battle Of The Atlantic – RAAF in Coastal Command 1939-45

AUTHOR – John Quaife

PUBLISHER – Big Sky Publishing

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 158


ISBN – 9 781922 61598 5

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At the outbreak of the Second World War, somewhat by accident – and just as the first shots of the war were fired – young Australian airmen from the Royal Australian Air Force were engaged in operations that would become known collectively as the Battle of the Atlantic. Arguably lesser-known than air campaigns in other theatres, large numbers of Australians who volunteered for service with Royal Australian Air Force, found themselves fighting in this battle. Australians were there at the outbreak and many would go on to fly some of the final missions of the war in Europe.

This book captures some of the experiences of the Royal Australian Air Force members who served with Coastal Command and, through the weight of numbers alone, stories of the Sunderland squadrons and the Battle of the Atlantic dominate the narrative. Being critical to Britain’s survival, the battle also dominated Coastal Command throughout the war but Australians served in a surprising variety of other roles. The nature of many of those tasks demanded persistence that could only be achieved by large numbers of young men and women being prepared to ‘do what it took’ to get a tedious and unrewarding job done. Over 400 did not come home.

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