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Stalingrad – New Perspectives on an Epic Battle Volume 2: The City Of Death 

AUTHOR – Christer Bergstrom
PUBLISHER – Vaktel Books
FORMAT – Hardback
PAGES – 320
ISBN – 978 91 88441 98 0

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Stalingrad was the largest and most fateful defeat of the German army during World War II. Nothing affected the self-confidence of the German army and the mood of the population as much as this. For this reason, much of the history writing about Stalingrad is largely incorrect. In the Western world, German officers came to dominate the story about the war on the Eastern Front during World War II, and as a result, historical facts have been deliberately distorted, and much has been swept under the carpet. In order to find the real story, it is necessary to go to the primary sources – on both sides! Christer Bergström has done this, and he has also interviewed a large number of the veterans who participated in the battle.


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