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Secret Projects Of The Luftwaffe In Profile 

AUTHOR – Daniel Uhr & Dan Sharp

PUBLISHER – Tempest Books

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 220


ISBN – 978 1 911658 62 7

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The Second World War was a time of tremendous technological progress in aviation with innovations such as jet engines and swept wings being brought in as engineers on all sides desperately sought every possible performance advantage. In Germany the quest for better aircraft resulted in some astonishing designs – everything from bombers with forward-swept wings to ramjet fighters and disposable rocket-propelled interceptors. In Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe in Profile, renowned aviation artist Daniel Uhr has brought the original German construction sketches and three-views of these designs to life like never before – offering a whole new perspective on images previously only seen as black and white line drawings.

Accompanying Daniel’s artworks is a full description of the competitions and requirements which produced such a huge number of innovative and unusual designs during the war, as well as descriptions of the designs themselves, written by German Second World War aircraft development specialist Dan Sharp and based on the latest historical research.

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