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Secret Projects – Flying Wings And Tailless Aircraft


AUTHOR – Bill Rose


FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 144


ISBN – 978 185780 320 4

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This book provides a history of secret/classified flying wings and tailless aircraft projects. Designed and developed since the dawn of aviation these aircraft still hold a great importance today, with many aviation enthusiasts eager to learn more about these remarkable aircraft which provided the foundations for the modern aviation scene. Beginning with an analysis of the advantages of the flying wing, the author looks at why aerodynamicists have been attracted to this unique configuration since the earliest days of manned flight, highlighting a range of specific aircraft and relevant examples, many unfamiliar to aviation enthusiasts. Examples developed in the years leading up to World War 2 include designs by the Hortens and Lippisch in Germany and Northrop in the US. Following this conflict, a number of British flying wings were developed, including early designs for the Vulcan. Later, during the Cold War era the US developed a range of aircraft using this versatile technology, with the Northrop B-2 and A-12, oblique wing, blended wing, and supersonic designs. This book also examines the array of modern day stealth technology which has developed from flying wing and tailless aircraft, with a detailed glimpse at experimental blended wing body designs, which may become the next-generation of larger, fuel-efficient military aircraft. Certain to entertain and inform aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

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