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Project Have Pad – Exploitation of the Soviet MIG-23 Flogger at Area 51

AUTHOR – TD Barnes

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ISBN – 9798872791287

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Amid the Cold War, a top-secret mission unfolded within the hidden confines of Area 51. It was 1978 when the United States acquired its first Soviet MiG-23, codenamed FLOGGER by NATO. This enigmatic aircraft became the centrepiece of an ambitious operation orchestrated by the CIA, DIA, US Air Force, US Navy, and the covert CIA’s EG&G Special Projects team.
Assigned the classified US military plane designator YF-113, the MiG-23 was transported to the heart of America’s most secretive facility, Area 51. Project HAVE PAD, a successor program to the MiG-21 Fishbed, and a series of previous MiG projects: HAVE DOUGHNUT, HAVE DRILL, HAVE FERRY, and HAVE IDEA, initiated in 1968.
“Project HAVE PAD – The Exploitation of the Soviet MiG-23 FLOGGER at Area 51” takes you on a gripping journey through the shadowy corridors of Cold War espionage, revealing the incredible story of how American intelligence agencies acquired, dissected, and harnessed the power of the MiG-23. This meticulously researched book unveils the technical and tactical insights gained during the classified exploitation of this formidable Soviet aircraft.
Discover the untold secrets, technological breakthroughs, and strategic implications that emerged from the most covert mission in aviation history. “Project HAVE PAD” offers a rare glimpse into the world of classified military projects, shedding light on a chapter of history that has remained shrouded in secrecy for decades.
Prepare to be captivated by a tale of innovation, intrigue, and espionage as you delve deep into the classified archives of Project HAVE PAD. This book is a must-read for aviation enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone with an insatiable curiosity about the hidden world of Cold War-era black projects.
Embark on a journey that will leave you breathless and forever change your understanding of the lengths nations will go to gain the upper hand in the high-stakes game of espionage and technological supremacy. “Project HAVE PAD” is the untold story of America’s quest to conquer the skies, one classified secret at a time.

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