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Les Avions Breguet Vol.2 – Le règne du Monoplan.

AUTHOR – Henri Lacaze

PUBLISHER – Lela Presse

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 335


ISBN – 978 2 914017 89 3

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With chief engineer Vullierme having been replaced by Georges Ricard, Louis Breguet began to heed the call of modernity. After 1933 he designed and created monoplane bomber, transport and liaison types while at the same time proceeding with a large biplane seaplane type, the 521 Bizerte. Although the Breguet factories had been nationalised, Breguet’s study and design office relocated to those locations acquired from Latécoère, re-established after the bombardments of the war. It was a design office of great quality and versatility, which extended to the glider, the helicopter, and commercial transport fields. Breguet worked in other areas covered in this volume, exploring for example advanced concepts such as the blown wing. Although weakened financially, the company displayed high technical (Jaguar, Atlantic and Alphajet) and diplomatic competency (in cooperative program management). Still lacking funds, Breguet was taken over by Dassault from 1971 and into which organisation it was gradually subsumed.  While the central part of this work is based on Cuny and Leyvastre’s long out of print study, this new volume completes the story of this pillar of French aeronautical achievement and heritage.
Features 830 photos and plans.  French text and captions.

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