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Les Avions Breguet Vol. 1: L’Ere des Biplans 

AUTHOR – Henri Lacaze

PUBLISHER – Lela Presse

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 271


ISBN – 978 2 914017 88 6

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An engineer by profession, Louis Breguet started his career in electrical construction but after 1905 moved into aeronautics and airplanes. He took his first tentative steps in design and construction experimenting with rotorcraft or gyroplanes, before focusing on biplane design with moderate success.  This book presents Breguetʼs early airplane designs which had reached No. 150 in 1914. However, his pusher and then his rotary-engined designs were judged unreliable and were not supported by the Army. His renown grew as a result of his association with the Michelin brothers and then to the Breguet Type XIV designed with Marcel Vullierme, widely considered one of the best aircraft of WWI and built in large numbers with some 600 being ordered by the United States Army Air service alone. After the war the designer/constructor continued to develop the name Breguet with the Type XIX and 27, but while both types achieved fame and Breguetʼs notoriety continued to grow, his dream of developing air transport was only partially achieved. This first volume of two covers all Breguet types up to 1933. Breguetʼs aircraft are presented with approximately 750 photos, numerous linear drawings (side views and multi-view drawings), detailed ”3D” drawings of aircraft components, cutaways, technical data. French text and captions.

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