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Kamikaze – Japan’s Last Bid For Victory

AUTHOR – Adrian Stewart

PUBLISHER – Pen & Sword

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 209


ISBN – 978 1 39900 024 6


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In this fascinating book the author examines the Japanese concept of Kamikaze, the deliberate self-sacrifice of life in the cause of victory. This attitude, while incomprehensible to their American and European enemies, has its roots in the samurai tradition of fighting for their master or nation regardless of personal safety. By late 1944 the Japanese had already proved themselves fanatical but the actions of the Kamikaze Corps of pilots from the Leyte Gulf battle onwards took matters to a new level. Allied forces were shocked to find themselves the subject of widespread deliberate suicide attacks by pilots. These continued during the invasion of the Philippines in early 1945 and reached a climax during the Battle of Okinawa from 1 April to June 1945. In total over 1000 kamikaze airmen perished. Graphic description of these suicide attacks and the resulting loss of life and ships litter this revealing and shocking book. The author’s in depth study of the historic and cultural reasons for this seemingly reckless courage is important and illuminating. Illustrated with b&w photographs.

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