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Fokker Aircraft Of WWI Volume 7: Postwar

AUTHOR – Colin Owers

PUBLISHER – Aeronaut Books

FORMAT – Softback

PAGES – 296


ISBN – 978 1 953201 63 8

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This volume details the 26 countries that had WWI Fokker aircraft in military or civilian service post- WWI. In the immediate post-Armistice period Fokker fighters, especially the D.VII, were sought after by the newly emerging European nations and continued in active combat service. The Fokker C.I two- seat reconnaissance aircraft that was too late for service in WWI, had a long military service post-WWI. Fokkers were rebuilt and copied in many countries. The Allies all received Fokkers and used them in different ways, some entering service in the Belgian and US air services. Fokker had brought many airframes with him to the Netherlands and the superlative D.VII fighter was to continue being produced for the Netherlands air services. Fokker aircraft designs of 1918 were to remain in service almost to the outbreak of WWI. These military aircraft also entered civilian service. This extraordinary story is told in detail in 294 pages, 465 photographs (28 in colour) and 38 colour profiles. Line drawings show four different versions of the Fokker D.VII. The book will be of interest to aviation historians, enthusiasts, and scale-modellers.

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