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Fifth Generation Fighters – The World’s Most Dangerous Combat Aircraft 

AUTHOR – David Baker

PUBLISHER – Tempest Books

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 267


ISBN – 978 1 911658 59 7

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The latest jet fighters deceive, evade, confuse, lock-on to their targets, and kill them without being seen, heard, or detected. There is no place to hide for older combat aircraft and by the time the fourth generation know they are under attack they are already dead. Fighter forces around the world are seeking out the best that technology can provide – pilots can increasingly put themselves outside their cockpit, peering far beyond visual range, leaving the aircraft to keep them out of harm’s way while they manage the mission. Author David Baker explains how net-centric warfare and sensor fusion takes the fight into the very heart of the weapons systems computer, apportioning missiles to discriminated targets, tracking up to 100 hostiles and downing many beyond visual range. He also looks at how future fighters will connect to satellites in space for information about enemy air assets, control swarms of unmanned combat air vehicles and plan the endgame for an air battle that has yet to begin. Illustrated with colour photographs throughout.

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