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Boulton Paul 1917-1961 – Aircraft, Projects And Studies

AUTHOR – Les Whitehouse

PUBLISHER – Crecy Publishing

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 320


ISBN – 978 1 91080 948 8

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A prolific sub-contractor building airframes during the First World War, Boulton & Paul entered the field of design and manufacture in 1917 with the formation of an Aeronautical and Research Division under John Dudley North. Never destined to be one of the big players, they produced a relatively modest output of prototype aircraft and then in 1937 a series of bombers and a small batch of civilian two seaters. The relatively unsuccessful Defiant was their best known aircraft. However, hidden from public view was a prolific output of proposals, trials and inventions. From biplane fighters through the novel turret fighters and into the supersonic age with VTOL lift-fan jets, Boulton Paul were always at the forefront of development. Based upon over 60 years of research, this book recounts many of these radical and innovative projects using development layouts, final schemes, drawings and photographs of mock-ups, models and prototype airframes. Many projects are recreated in CAD and other drawings by the author previously an apprentice and a technical engineer with the company and archivist of the Boulton Paul Association. This book sheds much new light on the activities of an often overlooked company which was in many respects at the forefront of aeronautical innovation in Britain for several decades.

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