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Bader’s Duxford Fighters – The Big Wing Controversy

AUTHOR – Dilip Sarkar

PUBLISHER – Ramrod Publications

FORMAT – Hardback

PAGES – 219


ISBN – 0 9519832 4 5


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In Bader’s Big Wing Controversy, Dilip Sarkar not only explores the full story of the people and events that led to the creation of the ‘Big Wing’ at Duxford, he also fully investigates the part that its men and machines played in the Battle of Britain story. Whilst Bader was not personally intending disloyalty, as such, to his Air Officer Commander-in-Chief, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, he was, as the latter once commented, ‘the cause of a lot of the trouble’. In his burning desire to propel 242 Squadron and himself, its leader, into the forefront of the action, the newsworthy acting squadron leader found himself used by darker forces, men with axes to grind and personal ambitions to further.

This is a one of a special limited edition of just 100 copies. It is signed by the author, Lady Odette Dowding, Lady Bader and 10 Big-Wing pilots plus Douglas Bader’s fitter on 19 Squadron, the signatures being on an official bookplate.


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