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Air Wars – The Global Combat Between Airbus And Boeing

AUTHOR – Scott Hamilton

PUBLISHER – Twelves Publications

FORMAT – Softback


PAGES – 253

ISBN – 13 978 1 73764050 9

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This is the story about the intense and often bitter rivalry between Airbus and Boeing. It’s also about John Leahy, the legendary head of commercial sales at Airbus, whose team booked 15,000 net orders worth $2 trillion in 23 years, and the strategies by Airbus and Boeing that changed aviation as we know it. Author Scott Hamilton is a journalist who has covered the aerospace and commercial aviation industries since 1985, almost exactly matching Leahy’s tenure at Airbus. He has drawn upon both his extensive records of those years and recent interviews with many of the principal players at Airbus, Boeing and within the industry to tell this detailed and riveting tale of these two giant companies.


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